We provide DJ services for weddings, parties, events, proms, birthday parties, Sweet 16’s, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, etc.
Our music library consists of over 70,000 songs from all genres of music, and  it dates from the 1920’s to present day. While chances are slim that we do not have the songs you want, we realize that there are times when we may not currently have every song you would like us to play. So, if you let us know of any particular songs you want in advance, we will be sure that we have the songs by your wedding or event date. If you or someone else requests a song at the wedding or event that we don’t currently have on hand, then we will try our best to purchase that song and play it for you before the night is over.
Our DJ pricing is $125/hr (4 hr minimum for weddings, 2 hr minimum for all other parties and events). Pricing includes lighting (if needed) and MC services. We arrive approximately an hour before the wedding, party or event to set up, and set up/tear down are at no additional charge and is not included in your hours.
$100 discount is offered when booking along with a wedding photography service.

When people are asked the age-old question “what is the one and only possession you would take with you if you had to leave all other possessions behind”, the vast majority say their photos.
There is something beautiful and intriguing about photography. The way it can capture life’s most precious  moments in a way that depending solely on our memories can’t compete. My desire is to create crystal clear images that help you reminisce on life’s passing moments. My goal is to create a feeling of de ja vu by helping  you rewind the clock and turn back time. My vision is to make your memories TWENTY20.
My wedding pricing is $200/hr. Pricing includes a disc of high resolution, edited images with reprint rights for your personal usage. Weddings over 8 hours will receive one of the following for free: rehearsal coverage, bridal session, engagement session or day after session.

Sessions are $150/hr. Pricing includes a disc of high resolution, edited images with reprint rights for your personal usage.

2nd Photographer: Additional $70/hr

Prints: ($50 minimum purchase per print order. Other sizes available, please inquire)

  • 4X6: $10
  • 5X7: $15
  • 8X10: $20
  • 11X14: $25

Additional Discs: Each additional high resolution, edited lightscribed disc is $50.

Extensive Editing: $5/photo (subjective coloring, skin/wrinkle correction, removing objects/people, etc)

Coffee Table Books: starting at $175, inquire for pricing list

Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints: starting at $160, inquire for pricing list




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