Date Night

Posted: August 21, 2010 in MOVIE REVIEWS

by Sarah St. John

Date Night, starring Steve Carrell (The Office, 40 Year Old Virgin) and Tina Fey (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and known for her Sarah Palin impersonations), will make you laugh so hard you may need a diaper. Mr. Carrell and Ms. Fey play a married couple, Phil & Claire Foster, with two young children. Both have successful careers, but we sense that the exhaustion of work and the role of being parents have taken a toll on their relationship. Throughout the beginning of the movie, we discover that Phil & Claire have an infrequent sex life, and their highlight of the week is book club and date night.

It is during date night one evening that it all goes wrong. The Fosters decide to go to a nice seafood restaurant situated in the heart of Manhattan. Although this restaurant normally takes reservations months in advance, they decide they’ll take their chances. As predicted, there is no availability, so they wait at the bar in the event a table opens up. As a waitress goes around trying to find the “Triplehorn” couple and their table for two, Phil decides to claim that they are the Triplehorns in order to obtain a table.  The beginning of the night is all fun and games as they watch other couples and make up fake conversations that these couples are having. But, before their main course even arrives, two burly men in leather jackets ask them to step outside. The Fosters assume this is because they stole a reservation that wasn’t theirs, but quickly learn that isn’t the reason for the interrogation. The two men think they are the Triplehorns, and the Triplehorns have a flash drive that the men want.

At first, the Fosters try explaining that they are not the Triplehorns and that they just used that name to get a table. The men in leather claim that Triplehorn must be their alias. After the Fosters realize that they are not going to be able to convince these men that they are not the Triplehorns, Phil Foster tries to buy some time by saying the flash drive is in Central Park. After being escorted by the men to Central Park, they realize that that was a bad idea as Central Park isn’t populated at night. The Fosters try to pull all sorts of shenanigans to break free, including a story about Phil Foster needing medical attention for his penis.

Throughout the course of the movie, the Fosters go through a vast array of hilarious struggles to get access to the flash drive or find the Triplehorns. During this time, they break into office buildings, get invited by a shirtless Mark Wahlburg and his character’s girlfriend to have a foursome, steal one of Wahlburg’s cars and crash and get stuck to a taxi, and perform a silly strip tease together. Throw in Carrell and Fey’s witty and sarcastic humor, and you have a great “date movie”, and it will keep you laughing and on your toes.

So what is on that flash drive and who does it involve, you ask? You will just have watch it for yourself. But, be sure to stay for the credits/out takes as they are some of the most humorous moments in the whole movie.


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