The Other Guys

Posted: August 21, 2010 in MOVIE REVIEWS

by Sarah St. John

Detectives Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) are not heroes. They are simply referred to as “the other guys”. You see, Allen and Terry are looked down upon by their colleagues because they never actually go out to the crime scenes, but instead they sit at their desks and do paperwork. Allen seems to prefer this job position as it is danger-free, but it irritates Terry, who has severe temper issues and yells through the majority of “The Other Guys.”

When the two star detectives in the department (Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) unexpectedly plummet to their deaths, that Terry feels it is their chance to take the wheel and show the city that he and Allen are capable of taking on a huge case and are more than just a couple of paper pushers.

“The Other Guys” is by far one of the best comedies to hit theatres in 2010. The film is bursting with slap-stick comedy, fast-paced car chases and explosions that might make Michael Bay jealous. While the plot gets a little confusing and plods at times, the film continues to provide laugh-out-loud moments that keep you eagerly awaiting the next big punch line.

Some of the many hilarious moments include Terry and Allen fighting over which music to play in the car, driving over a dead body at a crime scene, their captain (Michael Keaton) unknowingly quoting TLC lyrics on several occasions, Allen thinking his wife (Eva Mendes) is not that attractive, Terry shooting Derek Jeter at a Yankee’s game while working security and Allen’s weapon demotion from a real gun to a wooden gun and ultimately to just a whistle.

In addition to “The Other Guys” being one of the most comical and entertaining movies all year and the abundance of known cast members, it was a breath of fresh air to experience Mark Wahlberg actually act for once. Wahlberg exudes more personality in this film than any other in recent memory. (Unfortunately, ladies, it’s also the only film I’ve known him to not take off his shirt.)

As for Will Ferrell, I am not typically a big fan of his films or his acting style. However, he had me in stitches in this film, which alone speaks volumes of its success in my book. “The Other Guys” can easily compete with the likes of “Office Space” and “The Hangover” as one of the most quotable comedy films in recent memory.


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